Edward F. Bell, MD
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

  1. The following procedures must be completed (when applicable) before the physician schedules a transfer back to referring hospital.
    • ROP check
    • Hearing screening
    • Newborn metabolic screen
    • Subspecialty consultations
    • Special tests (i.e., chromosomes)
  2. The physician will contact the social worker (beeper 3885) to verify the availability of funds to pay for transfer.
  3. The physician must obtain from the parent(s) permission for transfer (written or by a monitored phone call).
  4. The physician will contact the infant's local doctor to arrange the transfer.
  5. A typed discharge summary MUST be signed by the resident and staff physician and on the baby's chart by 0800 on the day of the transfer.
  6. The discharge card should be signed by the discharging nurse and return appointments scheduled.
  7. To schedule a transfer the PL2 or PL3 resident should call Nancy Krutzfield, Neonatal Transport Coordinator, on pager 4645, or her backup on pager 3210 .
    • The transfer must be arranged no later than 1200 the day before the desired transport date. Monday transfers should be arranged by 1200 the previous Friday.
    • Transfers will normally leave at 8:30 AM Monday through Friday.
  8. The parent(s) and the infant's physician will be called to inform them of the transfer schedule.
  9. The transfer will be cancelled if any of the above procedures has not been completed before the scheduled transfer.