Very few parents choose a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) prior to their child’s birth. For most, this happens suddenly and can be a time filled with uncertainty, change, small triumphs, worry, hope, and fear.

These families need more than just expert medical care. Over the years, our NICU doctors and nurses have learned that parents are often one of the most valuable support systems for other parents.

The following stories are written, in their own words, by parents of infants cared for in our NICU. We hope that you gather strength from their stories and know that you are not alone.

One parent advised keeping a journal. When she was having a bad day, she flipped back a few pages to a good day and drew strength from believing a better day was just around the corner.

Most parents describe their experience in the NICU as an emotional roller coaster. We encourage you to ask for help – seek support from family, friends, other parents in a similar situation to yours, and of course, your medical team.