CDD playground

The ingredients of play--laughter, stimulation, distraction--are powerful ingredients for healing as well.

Areas of UI Children's Hospital are designed with play in mind.

Indoor Play

Play areas on the inpatient units have an open-door policy and feature toys, games, and equipment to delight the playfulness in all of us.

Video games and an Xbox game room for inpatients only are another means of play. Many of our pediatric rooms are equipped with video game controllers, and you can check out game titles through the Patients' Library.

Directions to Our Outdoor Play Area

UI Hospitals and Clinics to Center for Disabilities and Development
Take the main hallway on Level 1 to the compass on the floor by Elevator B. Turn left and walk past Elevator BW to the exit. Turn right and walk down the sidewalk to the end of the street. Turn left and continue to the CDD Courtyard Entrance.

Center for Disabilities and Development to UI Hospitals and Clinics
Exit the CDD at the Courtyard (Level 3). Walk straight ahead across the street and turn right. Enter the hospital across from the Ramp 1 side entry. Go down the hall to the compass on the floor by Elevator B. Turn left for Elevator A. Turn right for all other elevators.

 Map from CDD to UI Children's Hospital