The Center for Disabilities and Development at University of Iowa Children’s Hospital is dedicated to improving the health and independence of people with disabilities and creating a life with opportunities for everyone.

People who come to our clinic often have complex needs, which is why we use a team approach, bringing together the right experts to help families find answers. At the heart of each team are the patient and family.

The center has been designated the state's University Center for Excellence on Disabilities and strives to be the state's most trusted resource for health care, training, research, and information for people with disabilities.

Preparing for Your Visit to CDD

Watch the video below to learn more about CDD. Read the Social Stories to learn ways to help your child get ready for their visit. To request Center for Disabilities and Development services, please fill out our Physician Referral Form and fax it to 319-384-9393.


The Center for Disabilities and Development