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Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa seeking nursing mothers willing to donate

The milk bank at UI Children's Hospital needs nursing mothers willing to collect, store and freeze breast milk to share with premature or sick infants in need. Recently, the program was almost out of human milk to process with a number of hospitals expecting shipments.

Parents credit March of Dimes with saving baby's life

When Wyatt Meller was born 15 weeks premature, he and his mother were transferred to the NICU at UI Children's Hospital. The Mellers credit the March of Dimes for funding the research and development of surfactant, a compound which saved Wyatt's life.

Double-lung transplant give young Davenport man a new life.

Matthew Myers has dealt with limited lung capacity since his premature birth in 1987, where he was cared for in the NICU at UI Children's Hospital. He beat a pulmonary disease in his first 19 months. In December 2014, he had a double-lung transplant at UI Hospitals and Clinics. The complicated 12-hour surgery has given him a new lease on life.

Raise the Beam Event

Thank you for the personal messages that will forever be part of the new University of Iowa Children's Hospital.